The Sivers Companies have grown from roots in the design and construction of industrial buildings. Through time, broad experience and strategic partnerships, this background has evolved into the design of extremely efficient, economical and high performing sports, entertainment, office and retail facilities. Our buildings function better, last longer, and cost less than those of our competitors.

The design of commercial development directly impacts the financial viability and the long-term sustainability of the project. Each of the areas of development in which DW Sivers Co. is involved has its own unique set of intricacies. For example, the handling of humidified air and the separation of mechanical systems are critical in an athletic club. Few things are as important in industrial projects as the floor and the roof. Retail projects on the other hand must incorporate market considerations including circulation and adaptability to new tenants.

Good design begins with a complete understanding of the requirements of the users and translating these into a cohesive facility. These requirements include everything from size and function to facility maintenance and energy conservation. With decades of experience in not only design, but construction, maintenance and operations we can make informed design decisions for the best end result.

The construction arm of the Sivers Companies has been operating the longest, and the Companies’ success has largely been dependent upon the team’s intimate knowledge of construction materials and methods. For this reason, Sivers Construction has a broad responsibility to the other Sivers groups. Sivers Construction is relied upon to inform not only prospective new development but also how old development might adapt for new uses and markets.