DW Sivers Co. owns and manages a majority of the projects it develops. For that reason, the Sivers Companies put a great deal of emphasis on the comprehensive planning of new projects.

We feel that to be successful, any significant project must have the support of the community.

Because Portland's development and growth is carefully planned and regulated, the Sivers Companies effectively interact with Communities, City and County Commissions, and special interest groups.

Presenting design proposals to the relevant public and private stake holders while in the schematic design phase is an important step in a successful development; and failing to do so usually results in the eventual loss of both time and money.

To effectively develop across markets and communities, the Sivers Companies rely on a strategy that utilizes local talent and subcontractors. Expertise in the form of professional consultants and vendors ensures that the Sivers Companies understand the challenges and opportunities presented by these new markets.

With this philosophy, DW Sivers Co. has adapted its own strengths and foundations to produce important and lasting buildings which reflect the ideals of the Communities in which they are built.